Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment enables you identify all the fire risks and hazards in your premises so that they can then be dealt with accordingly. They can either be deemed acceptable, or managed appropriately, depending on the severity of the risk involved.

At Prestige Fire Safety, we take all circumstances into account when assessing fire risks. A few things we consider are:

  • Ascertain fire risks
  • Identifying the people at risk from fires
  • Evaluating these risks
  • Recording the findings of the assessment
  • Making recommendations to be taken on board for the future

By carrying out a risk assessment, we can also make sure that you’re meeting legal obligations for fire safety. As well as this, the identification of any fire risks allows you to take action against them, thereby reducing the risk of fire in your premises considerably.

If you would like us to carry out a fire risk assessment in your premises, or have any queries about the process, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk to you about fire risks and how to reduce those risks.

Fire Risk Assessment Prices start from £150.00

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