Fire Alarms & Alarm Systems

At Prestige Fire Safety, we can provide you with fully automated alarm systems for large complex buildings or wire free systems ideal for solving problems in listed or temporary buildings.

Automated Fire Alarm Systems

Alarm SystemsWe offer a wide range of addressable control panels and detection equipment, allowing for cost effective flexibility in design and installation. Our panels are fully programmable via a pc interface giving pin point accuracy to locate the origin of the fire and making complex cause and effect programming simple.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke AlarmOur toast proof smoke alarms are suitable for use in areas adjacent to where cooking fumes are present. A smoke detector with ergonomic profile, designed to blend into your ceiling. It has a large central test & silence button makes weekly testing and silencing easy along with a low battery warning signal. Each alarm has a 10 Year life, so no need to replace battery or take it out.

 Fire Evacuator Alarms

Fire EvacuatorThe sturdy evacuator call point alarm is a compact unit that offers both an audible alarm and strobe light. It can be manually activated in case of emergency and is supplied with a push button activation pad.




Rotary Hand Bell

Rotary Hand BellThe strong and durable rotary fire alarm bell is the perfect cost effective solution for raising the alarm in the event of an emergency. Durable and hard wearing the bell is perfect for use in offices and warehouses as well as temporary locations such as construction sites as it can be used inside and outside. The rotary hand bell is easy to operate and has a high sound output (approximately 75dB at 20 metres).


Please contact us for further information or for a free no obligation quote for any of the above alarms or alarm systems.