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Company: Godolphin

Location: Newmarket, Suffolk

Date: March 2023

Scope of Work: Fire Alarm Upgrade

Case study: Godolphin Prestige Fire Safety
godolphin fire alarm installation

Who was our client?

We have an annual fire alarm servicing contract with Godolphin in Newmarket, servicing their fire alarm systems across their extensive range of properties in and around Newmarket. 

What did we do?

We were approached at the start of the year to quote for supply, installation and commissioning of a fire alarm upgrade in a hay barn, farriers and vets buildings at Limes Farm in Newmarket. We installed a Kentec 4 zone fire alarm panel with sounders, call points and heat and smoke detectors.

Fire safety and maintenance

Regular maintenance of fire protection systems is part of any comprehensive fire protection plan. We carry out thorough servicing and maintenance of fire alarm systems every 6 months to ensure they are in good working condition and will protect the properties they are installed in.