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Client Case Study: The Green House, Ely


A recent new client of ours is The Green House, a fantastic team of innovators constructing one of the world’s most advanced greenhouses near Ely, Cambridgeshire. In a world first, the site employs LED lighting to accelerate crop growth, whilst warming the structure using heat from a nearby reservoir.

The Green House is building 8m tall glass structures that grow plants vertically through a revolutionary new method that uses nutrient-rich water solutions to grow crops hydroponically (soil-free). These greenhouses can produce healthy fruits and vegetables all year round, regardless of the seasons and have the capacity to grow 10% of the cucumbers consumed in Britain.

The Green House in Ely came to us for their fire extinguishers, which we have been more than happy to provide. 

How we helped them

The Green House hired us to strategically install their fire extinguishers through their Ely site (which is as big as 30 football pitches!) It’s not a secret that fire can quickly kill crops, so the Green House needed our expertise to ensure fire never threatens their yield. 

The temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels need to be carefully controlled in the greenhouses. Fires radically affect all three of these metrics, which means they can damage the greenhouse’s plants even if they aren’t burned directly.

Besides this, having fire extinguishers at workplaces is a legal requirement in the UK.

How we are helping The Green House

We supplied The Green House Ely with a variety of fire extinguishers to deal with any type of fire they may face. The most useful extinguisher to use in a greenhouse fire is either a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or a dry powder fire extinguisher.

Once the building work has progressed further, we’ll return to the Cambridgeshire site to complete the installation of fire extinguishers.


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