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Construction Site Fire Safety

What we do

Construction sites can be dangerous places with many hazards, so ensuring that a site is as fire safe as possible is one way to reduce the risk of harm to the people working on it and reduce the risk to the structure being built.

Fire Alarms

Our wireless fire alarm system has been designed and developed in conjunction with major construction companies to incorporate all features required for larger construction projects needing temporary fire alarm systems, while meeting current legislation.

The wireless alarm systems cover impressive distances and huge areas due to a meshing system which allows devices to communicate through one another and not directly to the control panel. They are manufactured with long life batteries and can be configured to suit your bespoke requirements, including GSM capability, first aid alerts and intruder alarms. Contact us to discuss your construction site fire alarm requirements.

Fire Points & Trolleys

Fire extinguisher points and trolleys are ideal for environments where it is important to have a mobile fire point in place. Our units are corrosion resistant and have a strong steel frame construction. Fire trolleys provide ease of manoeuvrability and help to highlight fire extinguisher locations. Single, double or triple fire extinguisher trolleys are available.

Our mobile fire points are ideal for construction sites, petrol stations, festivals, harbours, campsites, etc and include space for a rotary bell or construction site fire alarm and associated fire zone plan or other important H&S information. 

First Aid Equipment

We can provide fully stocked first aid kits, eye wash kits and burns kits in protective cases for all minor injuries. We also run first aid at work training courses to ensure you and your staff have basic first aid knowledge and know what to do in a medical emergency.

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Construction Site Fire Safety

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