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Fire alarms play a vital role in early detection and can help to save equipment, property and ultimately people’s lives. Therefore, it pays to make sure that your fire alarm is designed and installed by a fully qualified engineer with years of experience and knowledge of fire alarms.

Prestige Fire Safety is one of the leading commercial and residential fire safety and alarm installation companies in Cambridgeshire and East Anglia. Based in Burwell, just outside Newmarket, our team of fire safety specialists include many serving and ex-fire service personnel. Our knowledge of fire prevention is second-to-none and plays a vital role in assessing our customers premises for the installation of an appropriate fire detection and alarm system.

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation & Servicing Cambridge

We are fully versed with the requirements of the BS5839 fire safety standards. Our qualified engineers are on hand to deliver industry-approved fire alarm installations to all types of property, keeping you safe and compliant with all fire safety legislation. We design, supply and install bespoke fire alarm systems that are tailored to the needs of your building, whether it’s a new installation or adding to an existing system.

At Prestige, we can provide fully automated alarm systems for large complex buildings or wire free systems ideal for listed or temporary buildings. We offer a wide range of addressable control panels and detection equipment, allowing for cost effective flexibility in design and installation. Our systems are fully programmable via a PC interface giving pinpoint accuracy to locate the origin of the fire, making complex cause and effect programming simple.

Whatever the fire detection and alarm requirements on your premises may be, ensuring that all systems are correctly designed and installed is key to maintaining high levels of safety.

fire alarm servicing Cambridge

It is a legal requirement to have your fire alarm system serviced every 6 months to ensure it is working properly.

During a fire alarm service, one of our fully qualified engineers will test devices in the property, check the fire alarm panel for any software updates and carry out any essential remedial works required. Once the service has been carried out, we will provide you with a summary of the work completed and certification that your fire alarm system has been maintained in accordance with BS 5839-1:2017.

Fire alarms should also be tested weekly by the user to ensure there are no issues. If you don’t currently do this or aren’t sure how to, our engineers can show you how to do this simple test each week while they are visiting to service the fire alarm.

Whatever fire detection and alarm system you have on your property, ensuring that all systems are regularly serviced by a trained professional is key to maintaining high levels of safety.

Frequently asked questions

What types of alarms do you install?

We install conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.

Are you fire alarms industry approved?

Yes. We work hard to ensure all our services adhere to industry standards.

What types of businesses do you install for?

We install fire alarms for all sorts of businesses, ranging from schools, hospitals, restaurants to office buildings and libraries.

How much does a fire alarm cost?

The cost of fire alarm installation will depend on the size of your property, the amount of fire alarms you need installed and the types of fire alarms you need installed.

What are the steps to getting a fire alarm installed?

To get a fire alarm installed, get in touch and a member of our team will come and conduct a survey which will help us determine what type of fire alarms you need, as well as where they will need to be installed for optimal fire protection. Once we have completed our survey, we will discuss our costs specific to you and your property, and once given the go ahead we will install your fire alarm system.

Do you offer burglar / intruder alarms also?

Yes, we also offer intruder alarm installation as well as intruder alarm servicing. If you are interested in having an intruder alarm installed, get in touch.

Do you offer fire alarm inspection and servicing?

Yes, we offer both fire alarm installation as well as fire alarm servicing and inspections.

What is the legal requirement for checking fire alarms on commercial premises?

It is a legal requirement to have your fire alarm system serviced every 6 months to ensure it is working properly.



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