Fire Compartmentation Survey

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A fire compartmentation survey (or passive fire survey) is an in-depth inspection and analysis of your building to ensure building compartments, walls, floors, service risers and roof voids retain their fire protection.

The passive fire inspection looks in detail at your fire stopping measures and the materials that make up each compartmentation. We check fire doors, identify any gaps or penetrations that may have compromised the integrity of the walls and inspect voids above false/suspended ceilings. In addition to this, we also check to ensure the correct firestopping materials have been used throughout the building.

At Prestige, we use Onetrace software to pinpoint the location of each required remedial action on the fire compartmentation survey report. The report will include photographs to give further detail and information to avoid any confusion or doubt.

Fire Compartmentation Survey

If you have a building that you think could require fire stopping measures, we can carry out a passive fire survey and provide solutions to the areas that may be lacking in order to meet current fire safety legislation. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Fire Compartmentation Survey

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