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Fire Compartmentation Survey

What is a fire compartmentation survey?

Fire compartmentation surveys are now a vital requirement in the fight to keep people safe, whether they are at work or home. As one of the leading fire safety companies in Cambridge and Anglia, we would like to explain these surveys in more detail. 

The objective of fire compartmentation is to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. By subdividing the building, we can protect escape routes, high risk or high-value areas and prevent extensive losses in case of a fire. With correct fire compartmentation put in place on your property, you will give precious time to occupants evacuating the premises in the event of a fire.

A suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment will provide a review of existing fire compartment measures; however, the scope of a fire risk assessment is not extensive enough to cover every area or item of fire compartmentation. Therefore, a more detailed survey is recommended. Sampling can indicate the presence of significant issues, such as locating or confirming the presence of fire dampeners or establishing if existing measures meet the requirements of current guidance or to meet specific business reliance objectives.

Why you need a fire compartmentation survey?

A fire compartmentation survey is necessary for fire safety, especially in premises where people sleep such as care homes, hotels, flats, and hospitals. If there happens to be a fire in a care home, for example, through proper fire compartmentation technology the residents need to move from the affected compartment to a fire compartment that is not in danger.  It is vital that fire compartmentation is adequate and well maintained in buildings where there are consistently a lot of people, as correct fire compartmentation can provide residents with the precious time they need to evacuate in case of a fire, and ultimately save lives.

What we do

A fire compartmentation survey (or passive fire survey) is an in-depth inspection and analysis of your building to ensure building compartments, walls, floors, service raisers and roof voids retain their fire protection.

The passive fire inspection looks in detail at your fire stopping measures and the materials that make up each compartmentation. We survey fire doors, identify any gaps or penetrations that may have compromised the integrity of the walls and inspect voids above false or suspended ceilings. In addition to this, we also check to ensure the correct fire-stopping materials have been used throughout the building.

At Prestige, we use Onetrace fire protection software to pinpoint the location of each required remedial action on the fire compartmentation survey report. The report will include photographs to give further detail and information to avoid any confusion or doubt.

Onetrace Fire Compartmentation Survey Software

If you have a building that you think could require fire stopping measures, we can carry out a fire compartmentation survey and provide solutions to the areas that may be lacking in order to meet current fire safety legislation. Get in touch to book your survey.

We also offer Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Alarm Installation, Repair & Servicing, and Fire Awareness Training.    

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Fire Compartmentation Survey

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