Fire Hydrant Testing

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Regular fire hydrant testing ensures that in the event of a fire, the fire service have all tools available to them in good working order. Annual hydrant testing is a legal requirement for all private property owners in the UK where fire hydrants are present.

Underground hydrants also require regular inspection by a competent contractor (like us) and occasional maintenance to ensure that they are easily accessible and will work correctly if they are needed. The installation and maintenance of privately owned fire hydrants is governed by British Standards and Building Regulations, in particular BS9990:2015.

Our annual fire hydrant testing service covers the following:

We use the latest in fire hydrant testing technology, the Flowmaster 250DL flow tester, to ensure accurate readings. As a specialist fire hydrant service provider, our comprehensive testing meets all the legal requirements and once complete, we will provide you with a full report to show the findings of the tests carried out.

If you have a fire hydrant that needs testing or servicing, get in touch to see how we can help.

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