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Fire Hydrant Testing

What is Fire Hydrant Testing?

Fire hydrant testing is an important part of fire safety maintenance. Fire hydrants provide water to the fire service for use in the event of a fire on the property. It is important to have them checked regularly to test the fire hydrants are in full working order to keep them operational. 

Inspection & Testing for Fire Hydrants

BS9990:2015 requires that fire hydrant flow & performance tests be performed annually. Inspections and testing must be performed by a competent contractor.

Annual inspections check that hydrants are in proper condition and verify that hydrants are operational. Some things that we look out for when we conduct annual fire hydrant inspections include:

Our annual fire testing service also covers the following:

Hydrant Flow Tests

Fire hydrant flow tests are performed to determine the pressure and rate of flow available at various locations. These tests measure the static and residual pressure as well as the discharge rate. The data from flow tests is used to uncover blockages or infrastructure problems in the water distribution system. It is also used to properly design fire sprinkler systems for commercial and residential buildings.

What we Do

Regular fire hydrant testing ensures that in the event of a fire, the fire service have all tools available to them in good working order. Annual hydrant testing is a legal requirement for all private property owners in the UK where fire hydrants are present.

Underground hydrants also require regular inspection by a competent contractor (like us) and occasional maintenance to ensure that they are easily accessible and will work correctly if they are needed. The installation and maintenance of privately owned fire hydrants is governed by British Standards and Building Regulations, in particular BS9990:2015.

We use the latest in fire hydrant testing technology, the Flowmaster 250DL flow tester, to ensure accurate readings. As a specialist fire hydrant service provider, our comprehensive testing meets all the legal requirements and once complete, we will provide you with a full report to show the findings of the tests carried out.

Prestige Fire Safety provide professional fire hydrant testing services in Cambridgeshire. Whether you represent a school, a hospital, offices, flats or apartments, a care home, a leisure centre, or even a local park, we can help.   

We also offer Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Alarm Installation, Repair & Servicing, Fire Door Surveys, Fire Compartmentation Surveys, and Fire Awareness Training.    

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Fire Hydrant Testing

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