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Fire Zone Plans

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Fire Zone Plans or Alarm Zone Plans (AZP) are drawings of a property, indicating the different zones covered by a fire alarm. A fire zone plan should be correctly orientated with clear and easy to read detection zones displayed. The objective is to ensure that those responding to a fire alarm signal (including staff on the premises and firefighters) are given accurate information as to the location of a potential fire.

From 31st August 2017, the key Standard regarding Fire Alarm systems (BS 5839-1:2017 – Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems in Buildings) was amended. Within this amendment, many key changes were introduced including some which affect Alarm Zone Plans (AZP) and could make some existing zone plans non-compliant.

We can provide fully compliant, zone plans for your fire alarm system to ensure that if the worst were to happen, the right people can identify and access the point of fire as quickly as possible. Get in touch to discuss your fire zone plan requirements.

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