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Wet & Dry Riser Testing

What we do

Wet and dry risers are installed in buildings, usually during the building’s construction phase, for firefighting purposes. They provide a way to quickly deliver large quantities of water to upper storeys of a building to extinguish or to prevent the spread of fire.

All buildings that have dry fire risers should have their systems visually inspected at least every six months and pressure tested annually. Wet risers should be inspected every six months due as they are more prone to damage due to the potential of water leakage which can cause rusting and corrosion.

It is the responsibility of the landlord of the property or the Management Company (if applicable) to ensure wet and dry risers are tested when required and failure to do so can result in severe penalties.

We can provide scheduled maintenance and testing to wet and dry rising fire mains and fire hydrants in accordance with BS9990. Our engineers carry out the tests with minimum disruption to your working environment and once completed will issue you with the appropriate certification.

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Wet & Dry Riser Testing

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