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What we do

Modern workplaces are filled with potential fire hazards. Identifying where fires can start and how to put them out is essential in all types of buildings, ranging from office buildings, hospitals, schools, and large apartment buildings. You need to make sure you’re able to protect your staff, your business, your tenants, and yourself from fires.


At Prestige, we offer comprehensive fire awareness training that ensures your staff are equipped with the knowledge to prevent and stop fires in any dangerous fire situations.


Why provide fire awareness training?

Fire awareness training is an essential part of fire safety and protection for any business. If you are the responsible person of an organisation, it’s important to make sure your staff receive fire awareness training, because:


  • It saves lives

It’s undeniable that fires can be a serious threat to yourself and your employees. Having competent staff who know how to confidently prevent and stop fires saves lives.


  • It’s the law

It is a legal requirement in the UK to provide safety training for your employees. If you are the responsible person, you must make sure your business is in safe hands in case a fire breaks out.


  • Fire prevention is highly effective

Fire prevention is the best form of fighting fires. Our fire awareness training can help to prevent fires from happening in the first place, so fires are one less thing for you to worry about.


  • It can reduce damage to your building

Fires are an obvious threat to your building and inventory. Training your staff to know how to prevent and stop fires reduces the risk to your workplace and helps keep your business safe and intact.


What do we do?

At Prestige, we provide an interactive and all-inclusive fire awareness training course taught by our friendly tutors who are experts in the field.


We teach fire awareness to any number of businesses and institutions, including:

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • The Emergency Services


Our professional trainers not only have all the relevant qualifications to hold fire awareness courses, but they also have years of experience in the fire service.


Alongside a theory session including fire prevention, our fire awareness training involves hands-on practice using various extinguishers to put out different types of fires. Each participant receives a certificate upon completion of the training course.


What does our program cover?

Our fire awareness training program covers all the necessary information you and your staff need to keep the workplace safe from fires.


In the theory section of the training, we go over:

  • The characteristics of fire, smoke, and toxic fumes and how they spread
  • Common fire hazards in the workplace
  • Fire prevention and how to stop fires
  • Classes of fire and types of extinguishers
  • Real life cases studies and film footage of fires
  • Fire safety procedures and advice


In the practical section of the course, we teach:

  • How to use each extinguisher
  • How to contain and delay the spread of fire


Need fire awareness training? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you need fire awareness training for your staff, contact us for the highest quality course. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are here to teach everything you and your staff need to know about fire safety at work. With decades of experience, our fire awareness training is exactly what you’re looking for.


If you only need to train a few people, we hold courses all around East Anglia. If a large number of staff need to take the course, we can come to you to carry out the training. In this case, we’d need a meeting room for the theory and 3-4 parking spaces for the practical.


Call +44 1353 820150 today to book our top-quality fire awareness training program today!



  • Is fire awareness training a legal requirement?

Yes! In the UK, every business that employs at least one other person must provide safety training to prevent fires. This is mandated under the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, known as the ‘Fire Safety Order’. This is why getting your fire awareness training conducted by certified professionals like us is important, as you will receive an official certificate to prove you have been properly trained.


  • Who is responsible for fire safety awareness?

Business owners and executive officers are usually the responsible person and are in charge of making sure that their staff have received the required fire awareness training.


  • Do all staff need fire awareness training?

It is recommended that all employees have basic fire awareness training. Staff members who require further fire safety training are:

  • Department heads
  • Fire marshals and wardens
  • Supervisors
  • Control room staff
  • Security staff
  • Kitchen staff
  • Engineering and maintenance staff
  • Hotel staff
  • Hospital staff


  • How often should fire awareness training be carried out?

It’s recommended that staff attend a refresher fire training course annually to ensure employees are familiar with fire prevention methods and what to do in the event of a fire.


Feedback from recent fire awareness courses:

  • “Very knowledgeable instructors”
  • “Very informative and helpful”
  • “Professional and clear information. Friendly staff and great interaction”
  • “Interactive and very informative”
  • “Very knowledgeable instructors, clearly experienced”
  • “Very engaging and informative”
  • “I gained knowledge and confidence”
  • “Great enthusiasm and engagement”
  • “Training was insightful and entertaining. Good way to remember the information provided.”

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Client Case Study: British Racing School (BRS)

Here at Prestige, part of our job is working hands-on with many of our fantastic clients to teach the principles of fire safety thoroughly and in-depth. Many institutions need to have fire wardens as a precaution in case a fire were to break out, and it is our job to make sure these wardens are ready and mentally equipped for the job.

The training programs are run by our experienced trainers, who are leading experts in fire safety with decades of experience in the field. 

Fire Warden Training Newmarket Case Study

Who is our client?

A recurring client of ours is the British Racing School (BRS) in Newmarket, Suffolk. The BRS is a prestigious horse racing school, dedicated to coaching young people trying to achieve their dreams in the racing industry. 

They offer a variety of courses for anyone with an interest in horse racing, targeted at anyone from children and people with no experience in horse handling, to experts developing a career in racing.

We run an annual fire warden training program for the BRS in Newmarket, making sure they always have trained wardens to deal with any potential fire.

How we helped them

The British Racing School coaches amateur jockeys into champions in a safe, strict, and welcoming environment. A core aspect of their safe environment is the presence of fire wardens available at all times. 

Equestrian buildings are typically made out of wood and flammable materials. Having professionally trained fire wardens is not only crucial to the safety of their jockey and staff, but also to the horses.

The fire wardens we train at the BRS are now not only experts in fire prevention and recognising dangerous situations, but also in managing and putting out fires. 

Fire Warden Training With a Fire Extinguisher

What is our program at the British Racing School?

Our fire warden training program at the BRS is broken down into a theory and a practical section.

In the theory section, we teach people:

We use lectures, videos, and real-life case studies to teach the theory behind fire safety. As always, every soon-to-be fire warden at the BRS was required to pass a theory test to proceed to the practical section of the training.

In the practical section, we go over:

Like our theory section, everyone on our course at the British Racing School is required to complete a practical test to pass their qualification. All those that pass the test receive an official fire warden training certificate.

Who teaches our fire warden training program at the BRS?

Our course this year was taught by our friendly fire safety expert Gary, who has over 35 years of experience in fire safety. As an expert in the field, Gary had lots of first hand experience to pass on to the wardens-in-training at the BRS. 

The course members were really enthusiastic about Gary and his friendly charisma, receiving excellent feedback from the participants:

Need fire warden training? Get in touch!

Our fire safety experts can train your team in fire warden training to the highest possible level, ensuring your premises remain safe and the risk of fire is reduced. Our short program ensures people are prepared and fully equipped to deal with any fire hazard.

Contact us on 01353 820150 to book your fire warden training.