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Fire Curtain Installation

Fire Curtains are a type of non-rigid fire barrier used to compartmentalise building voids or concealed spaces to delay the spread of heat, smoke and fire in an emergency. They are rated for integrity and insulation performance and are commonly used in loft spaces and voids of large buildings such as factories, warehouses, offices and schools.

Why are Fire Curtains important?

Fire curtains are another form of passive fire protection that help slow down the spread of fire and increase the time occupants of a building have to evacuate. Fire curtains are a highly robust piece of fire-resistant material that are installed vertically to compartmentalise the space in which it is located. The fire curtain acts as a physical barrier between different compartments of a building, helping to prevent the spread of fire allowing more time for occupants to evacuate.


At Prestige, we use Onetrace software to pinpoint the location of each fire curtain we install. Once we have installed all required fire curtains on your property, we will generate a detailed report including the locations of every fire curtain we installed as well as details of the fire curtains and photographs of the installation. This gives you full control over your passive fire protection systems, knowing exactly where your fire curtains are.

Onetrace install

Fire Curtain Installation

Fire curtains should only ever be installed by fully qualified installers to ensure they are installed correctly to the manufacturers specifications. At Prestige, we are certified by the IFC (a UKAS and internationally recognised provider of third party certification) as ‘Installers of passive fire protection systems’ including service penetration & linear gap seals, cavity barriers (fire curtains), timber doors, stud partitions and steel doors, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands with us. Our installers undergo regular product training with the manufacturers to ensure we are up to date with any new products on the market and to ensure that we are installing them correctly.
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Fire Curtain FAQs

Fire curtains are effective at containing a fire from anywhere between 30 – 120 minutes, depending on the type of fire curtain you have had installed.

Fire curtains help prevent the spread of smoke, heat and fire by acting as a physical barrier between compartments.

Fire curtains are made of a blend of specialist polyester and acrylic fibres, which are treated with chemicals to help prevent them from igniting. They also have a higher melting point than other types of fabrics.

Fire curtains do not need to be serviced, but they should be inspected regularly as part of your fire compartmentation survey.

A fire curtain is designed to prevent the spread of heat, smoke and fire, while a smoke curtain is designed to prevent just the spread of smoke. It has no insulation or fire retardant properties.

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