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Fire Curtains are a type of non-rigid fire barrier used to compartmentalise building voids or concealed spaces to delay the spread of fire and smoke in an emergency. They are rated for integrity and insulation performance and are commonly used in loft spaces and voids of large buildings such as warehouses, offices and schools.

At Prestige, we use Bolster Systems software (as shown in the video below) to pinpoint the location of each fire curtain we install. Once the project is complete, we generate a report including the locations, details of the fire curtain and photographs to give further detail and information to avoid any confusion or doubt.

Fire curtains should only ever be installed by fully qualified engineers to ensure they are installed correctly. At Prestige, we are certified by the IFC  (a UKAS and internationally recognised provider of third party certification) as ‘Installers of passive fire protection systems’ including service penetration & linear gap seals, cavity barriers (fire curtains), timber doors, stud partitions and steel doors, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands with us. Contact us today to discuss your fire curtain requirements.

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