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Prestige provides installation and servicing of commercial and domestic intruder alarms across the Cambridgeshire area. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge in fire safety and security.

Our intruder alarms are equipped with reliable alarm components from award winning manufacturers. Every alarm system we install has the option of 24hr monitoring to an alarm receiving centre. They are EN50131 PD662 & BS 8243:2010 compliant and professionally installed and commissioned by our experienced engineers.

When you choose Prestige Fire Safety to install your monitored alarm system, you can rest assured knowing your premises are well-protected.

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intruder alarm system benefits

  • Keep your commercial premises or home safe from intruders and thieves
  • Protect your family and staff
  • Reduce your insurance costs
  • Monitor your premises remotely via your smartphone
  • Deter intruders before they cause any damage

Intruder alarm Installation

Our intruder alarm installation process begins with an assessment of your premises. Each business is unique and differs in size and location. Our team of experts will come to your premises and conduct a thorough survey of your building which will enable us to create a tailor-made security alarm system built to fit your premises exactly. We offer several different options from detection devices to motion alarms and monitored alarms.

We can provide both wired and wireless systems that can be controlled remotely via an app on your phone, tablet, or desktop. No two alarm systems are the same and we will work with you to create a bespoke solution to cover every aspect of your security requirements. If you are looking for security alarms and alarms to stop break-ins for commercial premises in Cambridgeshire and the Cambridge area, Prestige is here to help you. We are able to professionally, quickly, and efficiently install industry standard monitored alarm systems to protect your property against intruders.

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Intruder alarm servicing

As well as installing alarms, Prestige also provides intruder alarm servicing and maintenance. We service both domestic and commercial intruder alarms, even those that weren’t originally installed by us.

We can also fix any issues you’re having with your intruder alarm, such as a fault on the panel or a sensor not working. Intruder alarms should be serviced annually to ensure the sensors and alarm are in full working order.

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Intruder alarm FAQs

The cost of an intruder alarm installation will depend on the size of your property and the amount of devices needed, as well as the types of security doors you have on the premises. 

Commercial and domestic intruder alarms are essentially the same, but commercial alarm systems are often bigger with more devices and are more likely to be monitored by an external monitoring station.

If a monitored intruder alarm is triggered, a signal is sent via phone line, internet, or mobile signal from a device within the intruder alarm system in the property to the external monitoring station. The external monitoring station will then call the listed keyholders or alert the police depending on what procedures have been put in place. Some intruder alarms work in tandem with specialised metal security doors, wherein an alarm is triggered when the door is opened incorrectly, or without the proper key.

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