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In any emergency, it’s essential to have trained personnel to help manage the situation and ensure everyone’s safety. One such role is that of a fire warden (also known as a fire marshal). In the case of a fire, a fire warden’s role is crucial and their responsibilities are extensive. Below, we will discuss the vital role of fire wardens in emergency situations and explain why it is imperative that your business has trained fire wardens ready to step in at all times.

Who are fire wardens?

Fire wardens are responsible for ensuring that the building’s occupants are safe in the event of a fire. They are trained to assess the situation, provide guidance and assistance to occupants of the building, and coordinate with emergency services. Whether you are responsible for a school, an office building, a hospital, or an apartment block, having trained fire wardens on your premises is not just good common sense but also a legal requirement.

Fire wardens play a key role in ensuring the safety of the building and its occupants in the event of a fire. Having properly trained fire wardens on your premises can save lives.

What are the responsibilities of fire wardens?

Fire wardens have several responsibilities, including:

Weekly fire alarm tests

  • fire door checks
  • checking to ensure escape routes are clear
  • ensuring general housekeeping is satisfactory
  • carrying out fire drills


Monitoring fire safety and fire safety procedures
Your trained fire wardens will be responsible for regular fire checks including

Raising the Alarm
In the event of a fire, the first responsibility of a fire warden is to raise the alarm. They should notify the occupants of the building and alert the emergency services

The second responsibility of a fire warden is to ensure the safe and orderly evacuation of all occupants of the building. This includes people with disabilities and those who require assistance. Trained fire wardens will be aware of the fire safety procedures and systems put in place in the event of a fire, and they will be able to effectively evacuate the occupants of the building to the designated assembly point for roll call.

Coordination with Emergency Services
Fire wardens must coordinate with emergency services informing them if everyone is accounted for, where the fire panel is located and also information about the building, the location of the fire and any potential hazards they should be aware of.

Liaising with Building Management
Fire wardens must also liaise with building management to ensure that the building’s fire safety features, such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and sprinklers, are in good working order. Fire wardens should report any faults, unsafe practices or incidents to the management as they are ultimately responsible.


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At Prestige Fire Safety, we offer comprehensive fire warden training. Our friendly, professional fire safety trainers will come to your premises and conduct a 3-4 hour course including a theory session and a hands-on practical session using real extinguishers. The aim of the course is to leave your fire wardens with the knowledge and confidence to step in at a moment’s notice in the event of a fire.

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