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Fire Warden Training

Why do businesses need Trained Fire Wardens?

As workplaces continue to evolve, unseen fire hazards from new technologies, heating, and electricity are becoming more prevalent. Having trained employees who are ready to deal with any type of fire has become a necessary step in keeping your business safe from fires.

Fire Wardens, also known as Fire Marshals, are specially trained members of staff that are ready and able to tackle any fire-related challenges that may appear.

At Prestige, we offer high quality fire warden training in Cambridge to make sure local businesses (like yours) have staff qualified to protect your employees and property from fires.

Fire Wardens are an essential part of keeping your business safe from fires. It’s important to make sure your workplace has competent fire wardens because:

  • They save lives
  • Fire marshals are the most equipped to save people in the event of a fire. They’re trained to know how to put out a fire and evacuate everyone quickly and efficiently.
  • They can prevent fires in the first place
  • They can minimise damage to your premises
  • It’s no secret that a fire can damage your property and inventory. By preventing fires or putting them out before they get out of control, fire wardens can greatly limit fire damage to your premises.
  • It’s the law
  • It is a legal requirement in the UK to provide safety training for your employees. If you are the responsible person, you must make sure your business is in safe hands in case a fire breaks out.

fire warden responsibilities

Fire wardens have a few key responsibilities that set them apart from other employees:

  • Monitoring fire safety
  • Reporting faults/unsafe practices/incidents
  • Giving fire safety briefings,
  • Assisting with Fire Safety
  • Risk Assessment (FSRA)
  • Assisting with Personal
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP)
  • Helping with the emergency plan.

What we do

At Prestige, we provide you and your business with fully comprehensive, all-inclusive fire warden training across Cambridgeshire area, including Newmarket and Huntingdon. We ensure that your fire wardens are trained to perform their responsibilities at all times and at a moment’s notice.

We can train fire marshals for a number of workplaces, including:

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Retail stores


Our friendly and professional trainers not only have the relevant qualifications to teach fire marshal training, but they also have years of experience in the fire service.

Alongside a theory session of the course, our fire warden training program has a hands-on interactive practical session. Each participant will receive a fire warden certificate upon completion of the course. The course takes place our training centre in Cambridge.

What does our fire warden training cover?

Our fire warden training covers all the necessary information needed to become a fire marshal.

In the theory section, we go over:

  • The characteristics of fire, smoke, and toxic fumes and how they spread
  • The roles and responsibilities of fire wardens
  • Common fire hazards in the workspace
  • Fire prevention and how to stop fires
  • How to raise the alarm and call the Fire Service
  • Current laws and legislation in the UK
  • Real life cases studies and film footage of fires

In the practical section, we cover:

  • How to use each extinguisher
  • How to contain and delay the spread of fire

Need fire warden training? Get in touch.

If your business is based in Cambridge and you need fire warden training, contact us for the highest quality course. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are here to teach everything you and your staff need to know. With decades of experience in the fire safety industry, the quality of our service speaks for itself.

If you only need to train a few people, we hold courses all around East Anglia. If a large number of staff need to take the course, we can come to you to carry out the training. In this case, we’d need a meeting room for the theory and 3-4 parking spaces for the practical training.

Call 01353 820150 today to book our top-quality fire marshal training program today!

Customer Testimonials

Recent feedback from recent fire warden training courses:

Fire Warden Training FAQs

Yes! In the UK, every business that employs at least one other person must provide fire safety training. This is mandated under the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, also known as the ‘Fire Safety Order’. This is why it’s important to ensure your fire wardens are trained by qualified professionals.

The length of a fire warden training course depends on how many participants are taking part, but we usually allow 3-4 hours for our courses. We deliver comprehensive education and training about all aspects of fire safety. 

It’s recommended that staff attend a fire warden training refresher course annually especially in high risk buildings to ensure employees are familiar with their responsibilities and what to do in the event of a fire.

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